About Horton & DeLoach Insurance

Hello and welcome

My name is Bill Horton and I am here to teach you how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to insurance. Please, pull up a chair for a short chat.

Our history and business philosophy

I initially got licensed in the insurance industry in 1993. However, by 1995 I was out of it. During that time I did not learn how to create a successful business. As a person with zero knowledge of the “big picture” of how the industry worked I struggled, plain and simple. With 2 young children (and a wife who really wanted a steady weekly paycheck) I moved on to a position that would better provide that.

Fast forward 15 years – In 2010 I made the decision to get back into the industry and fully commit to it. I knew from my earlier days that I enjoyed helping people. I also knew that I was good at it. It is said that you must enjoy something to take the time to focus and learn how to be good at it. Really good at it. I have succeeded with that and I’m proud of it. Your best interest is the only interest I have in the deal. Not whether I can qualify for an Alaskan cruise or a bonus from an insurance company for sending them more business. True, I have a responsibility to my clients to remain in business, and I shall do so. But not at anyone’s expense.

That’s the great part of being an independent broker – I have (and offer) the freedom to find the absolute best solution for you. No song and dance, just results.

I run my business based on just 2 principles:

  1. Make sure that the person I’m working for gets the coverage that’s right for them. Every person I talk with has a different set of circumstances and goals and there is no one-size-fit-all plan that works for everyone.
  2. Make sure that we keep as many dollars in your pocket every single month as possible. It is far too common to spend more than necessary simply because you’re not made aware of different options.

The ‘DeLoach’ part of our business name is contributed by my wife and partner, Sherrie DeLoach Horton. She takes care of all the uber-exciting back office stuff. Like taxes. WOOO TAXES! And payroll. WOOO PAYROLL! Yawn… But I’d be sunk without her.

I realize that you have no reason to trust any of this. Nor do I blame you – you don’t know me from Adam and there are plenty of other websites asking for your same input. The only way I can back these words up is by showing you what I can do. Give us a call. We’re always delighted to make a new friend.

Bill, Sherrie and Duff